We are introduced, at an early age, to the sweet wondernous of a cookie. From teething cookies to soothe the swollen aching gums of incoming incisors, onto animal crackers purchased in rectangular-shaped boxes bearing a string handle for easy toting by little fingers. Deciding which part of the animal should be eaten first-the trunk of the elephant or the tail of a lion-depended on how hungry one was. Savor each and every one or simply gobble them down as fast as possible.

My next cookie memory would be the ever famous, possibly all-time favorite, the chocolate chip cookie. There is nothing better than to bite into a round circle of baked dough sprinkled with gooey melt-in-your-mouth chocolate. A chocolate chip cookie can dry tears, heal broken hearts, mend scraped knees and elbows and solve sibling arguments. Most of the problems in the world could likely be solved by a properly baked, right out of the oven, chocolate chip cookie. The power of a cookie is underestimated.

I will attempt in the next 365 days to prepare and comment on a year’s worth of different cookies-one for each day. My goal is to share with others my extreme love of cookies-baking them and especially eating them! Feel free to send me your favorite recipe, your earliest cookie memories, or how cookies may have influenced your life. Cookies Rule!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Recipe for Traveling by Plane

I walked into the kitchen this morning to the sounds of snoring and deep breathing. I flipped the overhead light on not knowing what I would find and all became silent. Shortly, a couple of tiny giggles filled the air. I turned toward the sound and focused on my bowl of measuring cups and spoons and mixer beaters sitting on the counter for easy access awaiting my daily cookie baking routine. I could almost see the silly smiles that had produced the giggles; they would be getting a two week vacation. Even the stove let out a huge sigh. Rest up, guys and gals, I’ll be back………..

Today begins a series of recipes already baked and probably eaten. I’m on my way to visit family for two weeks and will not be baking every day. Hopefully, I’ll be able to try 2 or 3 cookie recipes while I’m there so I don’t get rusty!

In the meantime here’s a recipe for traveling (add or subtract, as desired)…

Recipe for Traveling by Plane


1 bag, checked ($20 fee, each way)
1 bag, carry-on (free, so far)
1 laptop (for connection with the world)
Clothing (less is more concept)
1 camera (the keeper of memories)
Presents (it’s always someone’s birthday)
1 form of Identification (driver’s license or passport; preferably your own)
1-4 reading items (books, newspapers, magazines, coloring books)
1 notebook (for those “inspirational” moments)
1 package gum, any flavor (“ear-popping” purposes)
1 tin breath mints, any flavor (for your neighbor’s sake)
1 blow-up neck pillow (for a few zzzzzzzzzzz’s)
1 IPOD and earphones (musical entertainment or to let your neighbor know you don’t want to converse)
1-2 cups of excitedness and anticipation (add more, as needed)


Insert items 4-6 into item #1, packing tightly. Make sure heavier items are at the bottom (top heavy is not good). Items 7-13 need to be folded into Item #2. Stir in #14 gently, then sit back and enjoy the ride!

Further instructions for Item #1:

Why is it that the clothes that don’t show (for most people) take up very little space, whereas outer clothes are heavier?

Following are some notes I’ve made during my travels-may they be helpful!
Suitcase weight: 50 lbs is the limit or else pay an enormous extra fee. I’ve been as close as 49 ½ lbs-this takes skill and days of planning.

First, start a week ahead of departure by pulling out all the clothes you may possibly want to wear; now put half of them back!

Wear as many clothes as possible in the following order: pair of panty hose under leggings under jeans or sweats; at least 2 pairs of socks; tank top under T-shirt under bottom-down shirt under sweatshirt or sweater under jacket (parka for cold climates). Stuff gloves in jacket pocket (even an extra pair of underwear). Of course, now, you may have trouble fitting into your seat-squeeze, squeeze, squeeze-you can fit!
*note: Using the restroom could be an ordeal-allow for extra time (maybe less coffee).

If you're taking extra shoes (besides the ones you're wearing) stuff them with rolled undergarments or socks or a rolled-up belt. Be creative in your packing; the TSA people will be impressed and your luggage will set the standards for all the other baggage (gold-star worthy).

Roll all your clothing and pack them tightly - just as a newborn likes to be swaddled - your clothes will take comfort in the closeness and will thank you by not wrinkling (much...).

It's important to mark your bag on the outside so when you're standing at baggage claim you don't have to wait for everyone else to pick up their bags and yours is the only one left still circling on the conveyor belt. A bright-colored scrap of material or ribbon secured tightly around the handle is one option. Always have your name on the outside in case your bag attempts to venture out on its own to visit a warmer climate (some island in the middle of the ocean).

All in all, traveling is fun if you pack right, flights are on time, the weather is great and people are friendly and courteous-all in a perfect world. If any of the afore mentioned items aren't true, adjust and have fun!!!

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  1. Sounds just like you.
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